Construction Accident in California Kills Surveyor

A construction site in Vallejo, California where three residential homes are to be built was the site of a fatal construction accident on Friday, September 20.  A surveying team was out surveying the land, while at the same time a construction team from KDW Construction was using heavy equipment to grade the land.

The fatal accident occurred when a worker drove a CAT grader onto the property, but failed to see a surveyor standing in front of him.  The grader collided with the man, and he collapsed instantly.  When the construction worker realized that he had hit the man, he immediately stopped and called emergency crews.  The man was killed from his injuries.

Construction accidents do not have to involve construction workers.  As this unfortunate case shows, anyone on a construction site can end up with potentially fatal injuries.  In order to maintain safety, everyone must observe the same rigorous safety standards as the workers themselves.  In this case, if the surveyors had recognized how powerful the equipment being used was, the accident could have been avoided altogether.  If the construction workers had put safety ahead of the work they were doing, they would not have attempted to grade the land while the surveying team was present on the land.

In the worst cases, construction accidents leave fatalities in their wake, leaving families and loved ones devastated.  In such cases, loved ones may choose to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in order to be compensated for the death of their loved one.  If you have suffered such a tragic loss, the construction accident attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP are available to discuss your case.  Our attorneys are compassionate, experienced, and can provide you with immediate answers.  As usual, we work on a strictly contingent fee basis, meaning that we don’t collect any fees until we have won compensation on your behalf.  Contact us today to discuss your case.

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