Neck, Back, and Spinal Cord Injuries

Industrial workers of all kinds suffer injuries to the neck and back everyday.  Whether they are serious or mild, they are usually chronic and unpleasant to live with.  Even more serious are the spinal cord accidents that can sometimes cause injury on the job.  This can leave an individual unable to work and with mounting medical bills.

Neck injuries often result from constant, repetitive movements, poor posture, and carrying heavy loads.  Even the use of heavy tools can cause or exacerbate neck trauma.  Often the best way to prevent neck injuries is to prevent them altogether.  By becoming aware of daily actions that can cause neck pain, employees and employers can work together to prevent it.

Proper breaks are critical to prevention of neck injuries.  When the head is held in one position for too long, stress is put on the small muscles of the neck.  Breaks can be used to change positions, stretch, and relax the muscles.  In addition, it is critical that employees use proper techniques when working and when operating equipment.  Finally, employers can provide proper lighting and work stations so that employees avoid straining their necks.

Like neck injuries, there are innumerable ways that back injuries can occur.  Back injuries have a high economic impact, as they are one of the leading causes of disability.  They can be the result of a one-time trauma, or they can culminate after several micro-traumas.  The pain can be sudden, or it may build up and progressively become more acute.

Single incident back injuries can result from lifting more than one can safely carry, not wearing proper supports, or from falling.  Injury can occur to the muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, or the discs in the back.

When nerves within the spinal cord itself are damaged, the results can be even more devastating.  Spinal cord accidents can result in permanent disability, and partial or full paralysis.  Construction workers, maritime workers, warehouse and plant workers are all at risks of falls and malfunctioning equipment that can result in a spinal cord injury.

The Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys at Kirkendall Dwyer LLP Can Help.

If you have suffered neck, back or spinal cord injury, you should not suffer alone.  Often, employers and insurance companies are interested in only one thing: giving you the minimal amount of compensation for your injuries.  If you have an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest assured that this will not happen.  Contact us today for your free case review.