Types of Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can occur in many different industries.  From mining to construction, each industry has its unique challenges and hazards.

Even with strict state and federal regulations, workplace safety can often depend on individual employers and how seriously they take safety in the workplace.

Construction Accidents

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work.  Despite strict regulations, workers are often seriously injured.  Click here to read more about construction site accidents.

Chemical Plant Accidents

Industrial plants often house combustible chemicals that are either the byproducts of manufacturing, or the basis for creating new chemicals.  Regardless, exposure to chemicals is a real and everyday danger that plant workers face.  Click here to read more about plant accidents.  Click here to read more about chemical plant accidents. 

Industrial Plant Accidents

Industrial plants such as fertilizer plants have been in the news of late for huge explosions that have resulted in numerous fatalities.  Safeguarding every aspect of these plants is an expensive proposition, and oftentimes employers cut corners at the expense of employee safety.  Click here to read more about industrial plant accidents.

Mining Accidents

Mines are notoriously dangerous places to work.  Not only are miners more to collapses and the injuries that can result, but they are also subjected to dust, chemicals, and other hazardous materials.  Click here to read more about mining accidents.