Mining Company fined over $1 Million for Mining Deaths


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Two years ago in Sudbury, Ontario, a deadly mining accident killed two miners.  Now after concluding its investigation, the Ontario Ministry of Labor has fined mining company Vale Canada Limited $1, 050,000 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The accident occurred when the two miners (Jason Chenier, age 35, and Jordan Fram, age 26) were moving muck (broken rock and ore) through a transfer gate.  Suddenly the muck came rushing through, crushing the men to death.  It took rescue teams over an hour to reach the location of the accident, and even longer to uncover the bodies of the men.  When they were finally uncovered, the men were already dead.  The men were killed by crush injuries and severe blunt force trauma.

The investigation revealed that the accident occurred because of Vale’s failure to properly deal with water safety issues.  This led to the accumulation of wet muck, which clogged the mine and eventually led to the tragic fatalities.  The company pled guilty to 3 counts related to mine safety.  The money that is being recovered will go to a victim’s assistance fund.

Mining is one of the most dangerous areas of industrial work.  Miners expose themselves to bodily harm in nearly every task they perform.  As in this case, accidents can happen in a flash, and even with safety equipment, there is often very little that miners can do to protect themselves.  If you have been injured in a mining accident, a mining accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for the injuries you have suffered.  In the worst cases, our mining accident attorneys can help you pursue a wrongful death claim.  Contact us today for your free case review.

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